Life As a Self Taught Developer

Curiosity and Inquiry are the only skills that will not be obselete in 5 years....

Someone in Women Who Code Slack Team

I like to create things....

When I was in middle school I had my heart set out in becoming one of the top Creative Directors in the Advertisement Industry. I loved putting lines, curves and colors together that will tell an amazing story to their audience. That dream was washed away by a number of other things that are thrown at a 13 year old. When I got to Howard as a Marketing major I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I just knew that it can't be boring, I want it to be challenging and I wanted to learn something new from it everday. Software development or web development was around me when I was younger but I was tidbit side tracted from it because of video games. It wasn't until the start of my junior year of college that I was heavily pushed into its direction. I had a professor lets name him Professor Ajax, who kept on saying that I am smart enough and have the traits of developer. Of course I didn't believe it (Back then my confidence level was very low). So as a way for me to get more involved he dragged (I was very shy back then) me out to tech meetups in DC and had me do tutorials on Android Development or Ruby on Rails.

And Ladies and Gentlemen thats how my struggle began....

Where I was at 2 years ago with my skills and where I am at now is huge difference and I have came a long way but my journey is not over yet. I would like to describe skill set is at the stage called "Desert of Despair". It is like I know enough to not be classified as a Newbie but then I don't know enough to be classified as the expert. But I must say everday I am learning something and new and getting better. I am the point where if I have an idea of a web application or a feature I wish to implement I can dive into the ocean of Stacks Overflow or tinker with my inquiries in Google.....but I must add on this will be a somewhat slow process. To place a numerical expression behind "slow process" I would say a month tops!

General Assembly? Viking Coding School? Iron Yard?....any of those?

Development Bootcamps are great! I have spoke to many individuals who went through that challenge of learning web development in a semester's time. There was some great reviews and there were some bad ones. I have considered doing a bootcamp...until I saw the curriculum for Full Stack Development. That was at the moment learned that I am actually far more a long with this journey than I am. Over 70% of the tasks on their curriculum I already knew and I figured it would be practically a waste of money at the moment. The only way that I will feel more confident in applying for tech jobs if I had a series of projects or sites that I have built from the ground up. And that's what I have done for the past three months. This journey of learning code on my own has been very "trying" and "frustrating." What I have found is that having a genuine strong support system, truly goes a long way. The meetups that have attended and joining Women Who Code has contributed a lot to my confidence in treading down this path. It eliminated the fears and doubts that arose in the past for me.

I am all for the FREE.99!!

Majority of the things that I learned were either free or.....well free. I am still on a shoe string budget so anything I learned had to be very close to the value of free. Here is a list of resources that I used for journey in learning Ruby on Rails.