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Front-End Development
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A family member recently launched their encryption service, Crypheka, LLC and needed a clean-cut professional makeover on their website. Their application was built using Flask and Python in so all they needed was a simple interface rearrangement so that they users won't be overwhelmed when using their service.

Project Details

My proposal was to simply define the key elements of his service and redefine the interface of all three of his services: Encryption, Decryption, Cryptellegram and keep the same page format he had initially. This meant having multiple pages as oppose to converting everything to a single page. As a bonus feature I gave him splash page for when his site is under rennovation. I decided to use Twitter Bootstrap as the HTML framework and basic manipulation of HTML, CSS, JQuery and Javascript.


The results at the end of this page was a completely new professional website. Information about his services that he offered remained on the homepage so that viewers will have an instant idea of what his service has to offer. Each of his service was given a private page where the necessary forms were established to use his encryption service. What I learned from this project is the usage of the JQuery and implementing video backgrounds and how the specifically create forms that will be interactive and responsive across all popular browsers.

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