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Mackenzie Child an important contributing member to the Ruby on Rails community. One of his many projects was creating a 12 week challenge called the "12-in-12 Challenge". His goal behind this was to create 12 different Ruby On Rails applications to fine-tune and improve his skills in the framework. For each application he created a tutorial video and how create it and post the code on to his GitHub account. In each application he used at least two new gems or methods in achieving a particular function within the application.

Project Details

The movie review application came from Week 5 of the Child's 12-in-12 challenge. The goal behind this application were User Setup/Authentication, image uploading, commenting features on particular movies, a search feature and a rating system.


Out of all of the rails projects that I have done so far this was the most challenging. It was a harsh introduction to ports and forwarding ports. I do not create my Ruby on Rails application locally on my machine but on this popular Web IDE called Nitrous. Their platform makes things a lot easy to install so I can focus more on development. The reason why I had to use ports in this application was because of this unqiue search gem called "Searchkick." It uses "ElasticSearch" library. In order for it to be setup and fully functioning I had to make sure my web application was connected to Port 9200 for the search feature to work. The special gems that I used for this application were haml(File Extension), bootstrap(HTML Framework), paperclip(Image Uploader) and devise(User Authenication).

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