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Mackenzie Child an important contributing member to the Ruby on Rails community. One of his many projects was creating a 12 week challenge called the "12-in-12 Challenge". His goal behind this was to create 12 different Ruby On Rails applications to fine-tune and improve his skills in the framework. For each application he created a tutorial video and how create it and post the code on to his GitHub account. In each application he used at least two new gems or methods in achieving a particular function within the application.

Project Details

The Recipe Box application came from Week 4 of Child's 12-in-12 challenge. The goal behind this application was to have users uploaded pictures of the recipe and list the products and steps in creating that recipe. The major componens will be User Setup/Authentication, image uploading and created nested forms.


In the Recipe Box application, the major part that I learned was how to use the "simple_form" and "cocoon" gem and how to implement nested forms. "simple_form" is the gem that is geared towards to setting up forms in wells in an appealing format. It takes some components from Rails form builder, "Formtastic". "cocoon" is the gem that allows for developers to created nested forms. It is form builder-agnostic. The application allows for three forms to be on a single page: Details of Recipe, Ingredients and Directions.

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