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One Month Rails: Pinterest Demo

Ruby On Rails
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One Month founded by Mattan Griffel created is online educational tool that teaches individual various avenues of web development. Some of the courses that they offer range from building an E-Commerce using Stripe to incorporating security features on a web application. In their courses the objective is to complete one tutorial video a day for 30 days and at the end of the month produce a fully functional web application.

Project Details

One of the courses that One Month offers is creating an application similar to Pinterest using Ruby on Rails. It first walks through the basics of setting up the environment locally on the computer,go over the architecture of the Rails framework and finally cover in detail the many capabilities that this framework is able to provide. At the end there should be a fully functional application hosted on Heroku with the code saved on the popular Version Control Management, Github and images saved on Amazon Web Services.


The key goal at the end of this project was to learn how to setup user login/authentication, give users the ability to create, show, edit and destroy pins, and host the application on Heroku. The key components that I was completely new to were navigating through command prompt, understanding the concept of Model-View-Controller, troubleshooting using outside sources such as Stacks Overflow or Github, hosting an application on to Heroku and integrating cloud services such as Amazon Web Service. The key aspect that stood out to me in completing this project was powerful usage of Gems and how integrate them into my application. The many gems that were used were Devise, Papercil, AWS3, Bootstrap and JQuery Masonry.

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