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Taste of Culture

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Taste of Culture is one of the few Jamaican and African eateries remaining in Washington, DC. It is located inside of a convenience shop on 3501 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington. They offer a variety of dishes coming from both cultures such as Curry Goat, Oxtail, Jollof Rice and Beef Patties.

Project Details

The small eatery location prevented them from receiving traction of customers in so a way to put theirselves out there on the market, I volunteered to create their website so they can hold a web prescence for their new customers. Since it is their first time having a page we went over the key things that they would want displayed on their page. What I was able to cover is simply a display of their dishes with information, their chef and a connection to a third party service that can help increase. In total I created about 6 pages with them and establish their contact form for catering services using Mailchimp.


As the end result I was able to get the website launched within a week using the hosting service of GoDaddy. One of the key elements that I learned from doing this project is the backend implementation of mailchimp. This was my first time having a successful setup of mailchimp. Base of this experience I was able to learn what would be key elements that eateries or catering services would want for their website.

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